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Activities to the gallery to promote creativity.

If you interested in any of the takls, contact us.  I  +34 617 23 10 23



The training "professionalization of the artist" arises as a response to a lack of preparation that we detect in many of the artists who contact our gallery. Many of them have developed artistic skills but lack knowledge  to present themselves and promote themselves professionally.


Technical training is essential and at the same time insufficient to make your way in an increasingly competitive world that demands a proactive attitude in order to stand out. This group session emphasizes essential aspects for the artist to recognize where he is, where he wants to go and how to do it.

Recipients: ART SCHOOLS (photography, painting)

Duration: 4-hour master class

Teacher: Cristina Requena, gallery owner.

Available languages: Catalan, Spanish, English.

Testimonies of some of our students