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Artemisia, Art & Tendències was born in March 2012 and is a project devised and executed by Cristina Requena.


    “I come from the world of law but I abandon the orderly world of the office days to let myself be carried away in a spiral of new projects. Of a restless nature, I begin to take photos, I like teaching, I manage socio-cultural projects ... Art is a constant, always as a spectator, sometimes as a creator. I am interested in committed art, but my spirit feeds on the beauty of art. Art by itself, unpretentious ... An idea arises, a project is born. A few trips, a few conversations, Artemisia, the painter, crosses my path ... And from here ... "

Cristina Requena


Cristina Requena Villalba


At Artemisia we believe in the adventure of thought. We believe that a painting, a good verse, a chord can make us better. We lost our shadow and we think that the best of life has not yet happened. The way we challenge the ordinary is through artistic emotion. We simple sell art and share a place for the conversation.


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Art Gallery Owner, Director and Curator.  

Master in Cultural Management · Diploma in RR.LL.


Guillermo De Angelis

Area: Design and communication.

Artistic Photographer Graphic Designer Publicist