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PAINTER, Director of "Artalia Escola"

Student of the course "Professionalization of the artist", face-to-face individualized modality.

I came to Artemisia by chance, as a result of a group exhibition in which I participated.

An artist who was also exhibiting commented that Cristina, the owner of the Gallery, had visited her and passed on her contact, I wanted to publicize my work, which I had accumulated in the drawers of my studio for a long time, so I decided to send her an email.

I always paint, but until then I had not decided to expose and start dedicating myself to art professionally. I did not know how to move my works, how to access the world of professionals in this difficult market, and I believed that Artemisia would welcome me with open arms with just one e-mail:

- Sure Carme, we love what you do, when you want us to set up an exhibition for you?


Innocent, I had no idea. I was an artist but nothing professional.

In Artemisia they did not mount an exhibition for me, it was not a “first time they won”, but they welcomed me with open arms, and offered me something wonderful, the possibility of self-knowledge of my work, from the expert hand of Cristina and Guillermo, I learned to know my work and value it in its proper measure, neither more nor less.

With that calm but professional way of theirs, they offered me personalized and tailored training, which has been very useful to professionalize me.

Artemisia is a beautiful gallery that exhibits precious works, because Cristina is a highly sensitive professional who loves her work, who loves art and who wants those who contemplate it to love it too, but it is much more, Artemisia is a space where you breathe respect and taste for culture and beauty and for me it has also been a good school.


It has been a pleasure to cross your path and I hope that in the near future we can find spaces for collaboration.


Carme Peirotén Martín

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Student of the course "Professionalization of the artist", face-to-face individualized modality.

If someone asked me the question of how I learned to focus my professional career towards the future, I would say that from teachers like Cristina Requena. Courses, flowers, candles, workshops, perfumes, books, paintings, samples, music, meetings. As a good hostess, she manages her space with excellence and opens her art gallery to new paths, new opportunities, levers towards self-discovery. At Artemisia, I found new and practical tools that helped me develop my ideas, my projects.

I launched an EMPREMTES exhibition commemorating March 8 that showed in itself a way of sharing with those who wanted to observe the art of photographing. Since then I feel part of him, of his history.


Cristina's experience and Guillermo's good work make this creative space a place to shine. I invite anyone who asks to come to the Gallery, to do so, you will find art and professionalism.


Júlia Perelló




Student of the master class "Professionalization of the artist" held at Lik Akademie (Vienna, Austria).

I participated the masterclass of artistic photography in Vienna, where I made my degree in spring 2018. I met Christina Requena at one of our workshops, she was the responsible for the class "professionalization of the artist".

Christina teached us –step by step- how to build up an artistic career. Basic and essential questions like:

  • what is the difference between an amateur and a professional?

  • Where am I as an artist- what is my position and what steps do I need to follow to achieve my targets?

  • Presentation: In which way should I present myself as a serious artist: in person and also on social media?

  • What tools do I need apart from a good portfolio? And what should they contain?

  • What should a good portfolio include?

  • What can I expect from a gallery- what do galleries expect from the artists?

These and many more interesting questions and also insider tips from her, as a professional galerist, had been discussed in group and helped me and my classmates to reflect and work on our career seriously. I used a lot of Christinas great advices and I can highly recommend her: if you should have the opportunity to learn from her, don't miss it.


Jasmin K. Minou



Carme Pereiton.png
Captura de pantalla 2018-08-28 a las 11.



Gallery artist and client of our website for artists.

I contacted the Artemisia gallery at an important moment for me. After a change of direction in my artistic career, I found in Cristina and Guillermo the support I was looking for and much more.

The exhibition with my latest works and all the events organized around it were perfectly prepared. I was also able to count on your services for the development of my new website, which, in addition to being functional, has a design that has exceeded my expectations.


Both have proven to be extremely professional and extremely detailed, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with them on future projects.


Camil Giralt.


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