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Painter (Granollers, 1974)

Abstraction and minimalism are part of his works made using collage and mixed media. Following Kandinsky's premise "white has a very silent effect" the absence of color (or supremacy of white) is the backbone of many of his works.

In literature he finds his main source of inspiration, and often, unique episodes in the lives of different authors are his starting point to develop his work. It offers clues, as a game, so that the viewer can "solve" the main reason for the painting. The tracks are everyday elements introduced in the painting, reaffirming the abstract meaning of the painting and giving more strength to the work as a whole. To recognize the originality and purpose of the work, it is necessary to focus on the nuances, although the aesthetic beauty of the paintings does not ask for a faithful interpretation to be enjoyed.

Un esquitx d'ombra

Óleo sobre tela  I  60 x 60 cm


Painter (Dieulefit - França, 1964)

Un esquitx d'ombra - 60x60_edited.jpg
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