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Painter (France)

He began studying ceramics, approached ornamental art, passed photography, until he reached the Fine Arts and Art History. Then came the drawing and painting.


Rose Marie Bellemur's creative ability and the versatility of her works have allowed her to develop an extensive artistic career by holding exhibitions in Spain, France, England, Argentina, Brazil and the USA. Likewise, it has been selected to participate in fairs such as Artmarket Budapest; Art Monaco; AAF Milano; Rotterdam International Art Fail; SNBA Carrousel du Louvre in Paris; Marbella art fair; AAF Paris; among other.


Rose Marie Bellemur expresses herself through a painting full of color and dynamism. Some of his works arise spontaneously and intuitively. Others are the result of an incessant search to reach the last possibilities of figuration and enter an abstraction, full of vitality, which gives him the freedom to project his own version of the infinite universe.


Rose Marie Bellemur's work is expressed in different formats, techniques and supports: From large oils to small paintings on paper or fabric; oil, his favorite technique, is complemented by pigments, colored pencils and "a little acrylic, but little because it dries quickly and I like that the pigments flow with the varnish"

Espacios Diversos I 21x29.jpg





Telephone: +34 617 23 10 23


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