Recorder (Sant Feliu de Codines, 1955)

Graduated in Arts and Crafts specializing in Interior Design and Art at the Escola Eina in Barcelona. He is trained in engraving courses at the International School of Calella, La Rectoria a Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Fuendetodos-Goya Engraving Center and in the engraving and lithography workshop in Holguín de Cuba. Attend photogravure and non-toxic engraving courses at the UB Faculty of Fine Arts.


She has been a founding teacher at the Manolo Hugué Municipal Art Workshop in Caldes de Montbui since 1980 where she teaches engraving classes. He also teaches courses at the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc in Barcelona. He carries out monographic photoengraving workshops at the Museu Thermalia, Espai d'Expressió Artística in Sitges, the Black Way workshop, the Fort workshop and the Picasso Bcn Museum.


With his work he explores the limits of technique, doing constant research in the field of material watercolor and photoengraving.


With his work he has exhibited in different countries: South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Argentina, Finland, Canada, Estonia and England.

Ciutat latent (Barcelona) - 76x56

Ciutat latent

Photogravating, two-color overprint and embossing I 76 x 56 cm