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Sea in shadow

Acrylic on wood, framed I 89 x 67 cm

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  Painter (Maó, 1936)

1962-1967 Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Barcelona.

1979  Associate teacher of high school, subject of drawing.

1982  Full professor of Baccalaureate, drawing specialty.

Complete studies of Clinical Psychology. University of Barcelona

A prominent representative of Catalan post-informalism, Pilar Perdices has always been an anarchic artist, taking what most inspired him from artists, techniques and quickly, to transcend and filter them through her own gaze and her talent. In this way, he skips all the rules of abstract art: if he uses the resources of abstraction, but at the same time creates personal internal, existential, subjective, expressive and gestural landscapes. How she herself says “What I do is an abstraction (…) certain spaces, you could put yourself inside the painting, something very poetic and beautiful. I believe that the work has to make you dream, there must be a kind of dialogue between you and it and it has to help you get away from everyday life. For all this I make these imaginary spaces where I like that people can get lost ”.

J. Corredor Matheos said of the work of Pilar Perdices “The feeling that the work of Pilar Perdices has always produced (...) is one of recollection and sensitivity. (...) The rhythms are calm, harmonic. The impression of the whole is, at once, a single one. Nothing distracts us in this smooth and continuous flow of pure painting, in which space, sign, matter and color vibrate in unison ”.

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