Artist (Barcelona, 1970)

Mia Martí– Artist (Barcelona, 1970)


1988-1993. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Jordi of the University of Barcelona. Painting specialty.


Mia Martí has a versatility when working with different supports and techniques that make her a multidisciplinary artist: prints, photography, monotypes ... Her painting is fused with acrylics, ink, prints and even photographs. In the same way that fabrics, woods, papers or linens strive to be the main supports. Techniques and supports that Misa delicately dissolves.


His ability manages to hide, behind harmonic and tuneful compositions, a complex elaboration. Its images, spots and lines mix so that you don't know where one ends and the other begins. Its bright and balanced colors, together with its delicate geometries, divide his works into spaces full of harmony. Mia Martí achieves with her imprint and very personal interpretations, to transfer everyday scenes into a work full of eurythmy.

16_9  Fotografia, acrílico y tinta sobre tela  I  60 x 70 cm



Photography, acrylic and ink on canvas I 60 x 70 cm