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Photography, acrylic and ink on canvas  I  60 x 70 cm

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Painter (Barcelona, 1970)

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Jordi, University of Barcelona, ​​specialty painting. Her extensive exhibition career supports her status as a plastic artist. Likewise, he has directed the Sentmenat Art Workshop (Barcelona) for more than 15 years.

Mia Martí is very versatile: she works with different supports and techniques that make her a multidisciplinary artist. His painting merges with oils, acrylics and inks; makes engraving; he intervenes photographs... In the same way he works different supports such as wood, fabrics or papers. Techniques and supports that Mia Martí delicately dissolves and, thanks to her skill, is able to hide, behind harmonic compositions full of harmony, a complex elaboration.

In her paintings, shapes and lines dissolve in such a way that you don't know where one ends and the other begins, her bright and balanced colors, the way she distributes them, the transparencies, the compositional game... are elements that Mia Martí uses to express themselves in their own language. And yet it is she herself who says:
    "We can talk about technique, composition, shapes and colors, we can talk about creative processes and referents. Everything can be curious, interesting, but not relevant or necessary because, despite everything, they will not properly explain my painting. They are just the means to achieve an end, the pictorial experience of the painter and also of the viewer"

"Own language" that happens so as not to incorporate figurative elements, nor does he even name his works to avoid conditioning the viewer's gaze.

The theme of Mia Martí's work is the same painting that aims to provide the viewer with an experiential experience, a space for dialogue between the work and the viewer far from the closest reality to enter a different reality. The art.

Mia Martí achieves, thanks to her craft and a lot of "cooking", a work with a very personal imprint that the viewer can always identify.


16_9  Fotografia, acrílico y tinta sobre tela  I  60 x 70 cm


Artist (Barcelona, 1970)

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