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  Painter (Barcelona, 1958)

Son of the landscape painter Oriol Martí, he received his first teachings in the world of drawing and painting from his father. The Massana school and the painting studio of the artists Boter and Sandaló are the foundations of his academic training. The discovery of Van Gogh and Gauguin first; the Fauvisme of Matisse, Derain and Delaunay later; and the German expressionism of Macke and Kirchner among others; they are the sources of his inspiration. Also Picasso and Modigliani influence his work.

The brushstrokes of Martí Ceballos are not delicate strokes, his brushstroke is not light, on the contrary, the weight of chromaticism fosters a very powerful density in his paintings. A universe of compositions full of harmony through lines, shapes and colors that are fed by contrast.


Naked on green sofa

Acrylic on framed paper I Paper 61 x 46 cm; frame 80 x 66 cm

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