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"Little Solitudes" series I 20 x 20 cm I Limited series 10

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Photographer (Rosario, Argentina. 1974)

Guillermo De Angelis - Photographer (Rosario - Argentina, 1974). He says ... "After going through architecture, philosophy and design I immersed myself in photography. With that enthusiasm that precipitates one forward, or better, inward. Aspiring to discover within myself, more than outside, what I am trying to show. I choose to take unprepared images. I try to arrive at the expression through the economy of resources. To dwell on the details that come to me essential. To insinuate clearly, to present without describing. "

LUIS EDUARDO AUTE (Spanish musician, singer-songwriter, film director, actor, sculptor, writer, painter and poet) says of Guillermo's work: "It is supposed that the greatest contribution that an artist can make about the reality that he has had to live it is his personal radically poetic "gaze" on that scenography of spaces absent of people. In this sense, Guillermo De Angelis' photographic work is paradigmatic. The lens of his camera is pure subjectivity insofar as his "gaze" is the protagonist conceptual and essential of his poetic story about "unreality", how it should be, and how a poet who creates images should do "

Guillermo De Angelis has held exhibitions of his work in Japan, the United States, Mexico and Argentina, and his works have been published in specialized magazines in Russia, China, Spain, Brazil, the United States, Australia, France and Argentina.

Photographs in certified Giclée printing, highly durable Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag paper, 310 gsm. Limited editions.



Guillermo De Angelis' PHOTOBOOK.

"Small inner landscapes" First book produced by Artemisia, Art & Tendències.

His calm images represent a subjective reality. Environments in black and white where the absence of living beings gives rise to a space of freedom: the viewer is free to stop on the scene and dialogue with it, or lose themselves in their dreams. Balanced compositions that hide the painstaking work of a photographer who constantly seeks beauty.

Self-editing and manual intervention in each book makes each one unique.

62 pages. Wooden packaging.
Limited series, numbered and signed. Price: 40 euros.
National and international shipments. For purchases:

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