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The tramat i la veu

Iron I 26 x 36 x 19 cm

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  Sculptor  (Barcelona, 1944)

Ferran Soriano has exhibited individually since 1970 and has carried out exhibitions in Spain, Europe and the USA. He has public works in different parts of the world: Hospitalet, Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, New York (USA), L'Aquila (Italy), Collioure (France), among others.

Sculptor, painter, poet ... honest, sincere and committed ... Surrounded by a very personal universe full of sensations, emotions and feelings, a reflection of the world that surrounds him, his concerns lead him to give lectures, write, recite, draw, paint and naturally create sculptures.

His works transform steel into forms full of beauty and sensuality.

El tramat i la veu - Hierro.JPG
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