Painter (Barcelona, 1949)

Disciple of the painter Josep María Morató Aragonés, from whom he acquired the cubist vibe that his works emanate, he defines himself as a self-taught artist. And he specifies that he has developed his technique and style inspired by the architecture of each region that he has known through his trips around Europe and North America.


But when you ask him a little more, Eduard, a person with a discreet voice tells you: I paint the cities I want, in them I feel harmony, their beauty, humanity in the highest degree. Light, color and style converge in these cities, large and small, in wonderful works of art. I travel to her, I dream of them.


Josep Mª Cadena (art critic) says about his work "Eduard Malvehy helps us to find serenity (...) He has been maintaining his position of balance for years, both in the construction of forms and in the color with which he gives them body ”;“ Eduard Malvehy expresses himself serenely (...) He achieves in his painting that things happen in order, without tension ".

A-103  Acrílico sobre madera  I  67 x 90 cm



Acrylic on wood I 67 x 90 cm