Painter (Badalona, 1965)

Music Degree at the Conservatori Professional de Música de Badalona.


Camil Giralt's works hide dense layers of colors that merge into light spaces. Its horizons, dividing lines that define different spaces in the painting, provide balance and, together with the use of harmonious colors, favor the feeling of calm and tranquility.

Camil Giralt's paintings could be confused with abstract layers of colors if they are "seen" without looking, not in vain is this exactly how the horizon can be defined, as a conceptual point of view. But if we do the exercise of spending time to "look" we will realize that Camil Giralt invites us to a leisurely contemplation to favor an introspective look and a conscious reflection on our limits and our ability to go beyond.

Flowing colors, defined brush strokes and a delicate horizontal division that take us to an undefined place where everything ends and at the same time where everything can start again.



Essence of Landscape 1

Acrylic on linen canvas, framed I 35 x 35 cm