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Series "Nascent worlds"

Acrylic on canvas I 100 x 72 cm

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  Painter  (Mallorca, 1949)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Barcelona and studied engraving and lithography at the School of Book Arts (Escola d'Arts del Llibre.) The first exhibition is in 1979 at the Mallorca Museum. Since then, more than a hundred individual and collective exhibitions have led her to exhibit from her native island to Barcelona, Madrid, Castilla y León, New York, Chicago, among other destinations. His participation in national and international art fairs is common.

Since 1985 he has illustrated different publications among which we can highlight the books: “Poemes i dibuixos” (Poems and drawings) by Baltasar Porcel, Picasso Workshop edition. Also several works by Teresa Costa-Gramunt, highlighting the last of them: “El saber del cor” (the taste of the heart) from Editorial Meteora.

Adelaida's personal work responds to the field of abstraction that she defends with great mastery, especially for the use of color. Talking about Adelaida's work is talking about chromaticism, and no one better than the critic and theoretician Josep Maria Cadena to explain the artist's sense of colour.

“The semicircular Roman arch is the unifying element. Its representation warns about the order of the colorful thought of the painter who does not allow herself to be dominated by the sensations of each moment, but always establishes the hierarchy of values within creative freedom. It seems to me that it is very convenient to say it, since very often one falls into the anarchy of improvisation with the pretext that the personality emerges better that way. There is a permanent desire to purify the forms to find communication through intense and warm color due to the painter's insular origins. It manifests itself by maintaining the balance between reason and passion that exists on our Mediterranean coast. It translates into a joyous and pondered manifestation of life”


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