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Friday, April 22, 8:00 p.m.

The Artemisia Gallery, Art & Tendències and the painter Esther Porta, are pleased to invite you to a glass of cava on the occasion of the opening of their exhibition.
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Esther Porta (Badalona, 1964) Studies at the Academy of Drawing and Painting Estudi-4 (Badalona) and Escola d'Arts i Oficis Llotja (Barcelona).

Ramón Casalé, art critic, said of her work: "Esther Porta's oil paintings are almost minimalist (...) she seeks inner peace through reflection and contemplation"

Esther's work materializes in delicate works of neutral colors and soft textures that invite contemplation. Landscapes and atmospheres that invite us to think that, beyond an aesthetically beautiful proposal, Esther Porta suggests a reflection on our natural environment and the feelings that inspire us. The landscapes that never end, or the doors that open to new possible worlds, transport us to a different reality, perhaps fairer and more balanced. As Esther says
“a life that may seem dreamlike and unfathomable, but at the same time desirable and close”.

Cristina Requena

Director of Artemisia, Art & Tendències