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  Pintora (Barcelona, 1965)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, specializing in painting (1989), and Postgraduate at the University of Warsaw (Poland) with a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government (1991).

He exhibits regularly since 1990. His work is, among other collections, in: Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation (Granada) / Museu de la Reial Acadèmia de Belles Arts Sant Jordi (Bcn) / Museu d'Empúries (Girona) / Museum of the Foundation Gregorio Prieto Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) / L'Albergueria (Bisbat de Vic, Bcn) / Perafita (Mural) / La Filandière (Evreux) / Davis Museum / Codalet Town Hall (France).

His concerns are many: he has participated in several illustration projects; he has collaborated with Pere Lluís Vila in the Mural Paintings (Frescoes) project of the Church of Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona), by the painter Ramon Pujolboira; it has produced different educational projects for cultural centers, universities and museum spaces such as the MACBA; artist books are another of his interests. Despite everything, the backbone of his artistic work has been and is drawing and painting.

Outstanding AWARDS: 1999 XXXVII International Drawing Award Ynglada Guillot; 2002 2nd prize of the XII Gregorio Prieto National Drawing Contest; 2006 1st Drawing Prize of the XVI Drawing Prize, Gravat i Estampa Digital Joan Vilanova; 2009 1st Prize for Painting Ciutat de Manresa; 2012 Tendencies Award, Region 7 - TV Manresa; 2018 Finalist XXIV Prize for Drawings and engraving Joan Vilanova. Manresa; 2020 Accèssit, XXV Prize of Drawing and Gravat Joan Vilanova de Manresa.

Berdalet's work is organized into different pictorial series. Constant study is an unbreakable premise. Listening and observation are characteristics of Marina, the painter and also the person. That is why each one of his pictorial series turns out to be variations on the same theme, which he gradually breaks down until the theme is exhausted.


Yes Name

Acrylic on canvas  I 120 x 120 cm

Marina 2.jpg
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