Artist (La Pobla de Segur - Lleida, 1968)

1992. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

1994. Doctorate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, image department.

2016. Doctorate from the University of Barcelona "Art and spirituality"

Multidisciplinary artist. His versatility allows him to make a pictorial composition with the same naturalness with which he writes a poem.

His artistic, pictorial or poetic work always starts from a deep reflection on what we are, being, and materializes his reflections with a harmonious and nuanced plasticity.


Telephone: +34 617 23 10 23

Email: info@artemisiacultura.com

Fluxe en els buits 100x100

Fluxe in the buits

Mixed on canvas I 100 x 100 cm

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Espai vibrant  Mixta sobre tela  I  60 x 60 cm