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Painter (Jaén, 1963)

Paco Cámara draws and paints "since always".

Self-taught, becoming a disciple of Pere Salinas undoubtedly determined his way of understanding, and living, painting.
Color and rich textures are the plastic language that characterizes Cámara's work.

In his work, the whole is as important as the details, it could even be said that what gives meaning to the details is the whole itself. No vain Camera expresses itself through series: "Objects"; "Chicks"; "Still life"; "Visages"; "Dogs"; "Ceramics"; "Object Sculpture".

Different series, inspired by particular motifs, which are materialized in paintings, and also in different pieces of furniture such as tables and chairs; on plates; lamps; and many other sculptural elements. All these elements, on display, dialogue with each other in such a way that, depending on the arrangement in the space, they can end up becoming a stage setting.

Different motifs, all of them created from the same technique: painting and collage. Wood, paper, TVs... any material is likely to appear in Paco Cámara's recreations. Textures reinterpreted through color, often blue, also gray with hints of red. He says "I really like these colors. Sometimes I try to change, but I always come back."

Each of Cámara's paintings could be confused with a set of arbitrarily arranged elements, were it not for the fact that each of the compositions is harmoniously organized to emphasize works with great visual and expressive rhythm.

Each of the works-objects of Cámara seek to distort these objects in their common use, to give them a new life, with a markedly creative, visual and unique character. They are often personal pieces by the same author that find a new place where they last over time in the "interiors" of the viewers who decide to buy them.

Paco Cámara defends a personal and modern language. Colorful and material. Both hooligan and talented, where drawing, painting and collage are arranged lyrically, with formal and expressive qualities, to end up recreating very particular works.

Yes Name

Acrylic on canvas  I 120 x 120 cm

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