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Series "Nascent worlds"

Acrylic on canvas I 100 x 72 cm

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 Painter  (Resistance, Chaco, Argentina 1963)

Gabriela Stellino was born in Resistencia, Chaco (1963) and grew up in Buenos Aires. He studied at the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts, and at the Pridiliano Pueyrredon National School of Fine Arts, (Buenos Aires 1979 -1986). At the same time, he takes classes in the ateliers of artists such as Raul Scarano, Pipo Ferrari, Roberto Paez and Georgina Labreau. Already during his studies he won Awards from the Eduardo Sívori Museum (Second Prize acquisition, Silver Medal) and from the Hoy en el Arte Gallery where he received the award from the hands of Antonio Pujía and Aida Carballo.

After finishing her studies in 1986, Gabriela Stellino moved to Brazil where she lived until 1997, carrying out various teaching activities. During his eleven years in Bahia, he works on his notes and sketches of street scenes and experiments with ceramic sculpture in the art studios of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM).

In 1997, the artist moved to Germany. Since 2010 he lives and works in his studio in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl. Between 2007 and 2019 he participated in the jury in the Freiburg Youth Award and from 2011 to 2016 he founded and organized  "Fünf Tage zum Thema Kunst" a series of workshops together with other artists. In 2021 he opens his studio "Ateliertag-Stellino" and organizes meetings with colleagues and artists.

Gabriela Stellino has been a member of the Federal Association of German Artists since 1999. Between 2007 and 2010 she works together with the Institut für Bildnerisches Denken in Grenzach-Whylen. Since 2004 he has collaborated with the Morat Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft. Along with his artistic activity, he teaches at the Kunstschule Offenburg and at the Freiburg Academy of Communication.

Stellino has a long exhibition career that began in 1999. Since then he has participated in dozens of individual and group exhibitions. Some of the most important exhibitions have been at the Morat Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft, Freiburg, Institut für Bildnerisches Denken, Grenzach Wyhlen, Markgräfler Museum Müllheim, Elztalmuseum Waldkirch, Espace Lezard, Colmar, T66 Kulturwerke, Festival Art's birthday, E-Werk, Freiburg and in the Regionale (Exhibit of Contemporary Art from the three Regions: Germany, Switzerland and France). Outside the region, he has presented his work in the United Kingdom (Whitstable Biennale), in Switzerland (Projectum Gallery, Kulturraum Hirzenberg), in Slovenia (Art on paper Festival), in Madrid (MADATAC - Muestra de Arte Digital y Audiovisual Contemporanea) and in Cyprus, Larnaca Biennale, where he was a finalist.


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